Week 2 of My Fantastic Journey with Fellow Students of Mark & Davene J.

Week 2 starts to get more intense and focused on training our Subby (Sub-Conscious) to start the chain of events that will produce Positive Habits which replace the Negative Habits accumulated over the Years.  I am 73 years young, and have developed a Ton of bad habits that have been stopping me from being my true self and achieving my Purpose in life.   All of which are taught from the toddler stage to full adult hood by a variety of people, including our parents, teachers, work associates, friends, neighbors and virtually everyone we come into contact with.  Many of which had good intentions, but did not understand their influence upon us at the time. Our reactions and attitudes to their actions and advise has formed our life.  This is now a thing of the past.  I am taking charge of my emotions and actions from here on out.  Change your habits, Change Your Life!  That is my motto from this day forward.

If you want to do the same.. the only one stopping you is You!  Come Join Me on this Fantastic Journey to a more fulfilling, happy, healthy, loving, and prosperous life!

Any comments?